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H.E. Phagu Chauhan, the current Governor of Bihar is the Chancellor of Magadh University;B0dh Gaya,as per  Acts of the Universities. He was born in the village of Sekhupur in Azamgarh district of Uttar Pradesh. He is a former member of 17th Legislative Assembly of Uttar Pradesh from Ghosi, a seat he won from a record six times.

Governor as Chancellor:


  1. The Governor of Bihar shall be the Chancellor and shall, by virtue of his office, be the head of the University and the President of the Senate, and shall, when present, preside over meetings of the Senate, and at any convocation of the University.
  2. The Chancellor shall have the powers to inspect the University, its buildings, laboratories, workshops and equipments, any College or hostel, the teaching or examinations conducted, or any act done by the University, and to get such inspection done by such person or persons who may be directed by him and to inquire or to cause an inquiry made, in like manner, in respect of any matter connected with the University 1[and it shall be the duty of the officers of the concerned University and College to render necessary assistance in such inspection provided that the Chancellor shall, in every case, inform the Vice Chancellor of his intention to inspect or inquire or to get the inspection or inquiry conducted and the University shall be entitled to representation therein].
  3. (a) The Chancellor may send the results of such inspection or inquiry to the Vice Chancellor and the Vice Chancellor shall communicate the views of the Chancellor to the Syndicate and the Academic Council.
    2(b) The Syndicate and the Academic Council shall report to the Chancellor within the specified period, such action, if any as has been taken or is proposed to be taken upon the results of such inspection or enquiry.
    (c) Where the Syndicate and the Academic Council fail to take action up to the satisfaction of the Chancellor within a reasonable time, the Chancellor may after considering the explanation furnished or representation filed by the Syndicate and the Academic Council, give such direction as he considers fit and the Syndicate and the Academic Council shall at once comply: Provided that notwithstanding anything contained in sub-section (3) the Chancellor, if he deems necessary, on the basis of report received from the Vice Chancellor or otherwise, may call for explanation from any teacher or officer of the University or colleges affiliated to it and after the consideration on the charges, issue such direction as he deems fit, and the Vice Chancellor, the Syndicate and the Academic Council or the Governing Body or Ad Hoc Committee, as the case may be, shall comply with it within the specified period.
  4. 1 The Chancellor may, by order in writing, annul any proceeding or order of the University which is not in conformity with this Act, the statutes, the Ordinance or the Regulation or for which adequate reason is lacking provided that before making any such order or direction he shall call upon the University to show cause within the time specified why such order or direction should not be made, and if any cause is shown within the said time limit, he shall consider the same.
  5. Every proposal for the conferment of an honorary degree shall be subject to confirmation of the Chancellor.
  6. Where power is conferred upon him by this Act or the Statutes to nominate persons to authorities and bodies of the University, the Chancellor shall, to the extent necessary and without prejudice to such power, nominate persons to represent interests not otherwise represented.
  7. 3(1) The Chancellor shall have the power to transfer the officers and teachers of the Universities from one University to another or in the same University on the same post or on any other equivalent post; the transferees shall retain their respective seniority.
    (2) The Chancellor shall have the power to issue direction to the Universities in the administrative or academic interest of the Universities which he considers to be necessary. The direction issued by the Chancellor shall be implemented by the Vice Chancellor, Syndicate, Senate and other bodies of the Universities as the case may be.
    (3) Any person aggrieved by such order of the Chancellor may file representation to the Chancellor, who on consideration of the representation shall have the power to affirm, modify or rescind his earlier order and pass such other order or orders which he may deem fit and proper.
  8. The Chancellor shall have such other powers as are conferred on him by this Act or the statutes.
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  11. by Amdt. Act 3 of 1990 and sub-section (7) renumbered as sub-section (8).