Innovation & Project

  • Our teaching process is in resonance with the spirit of creativity and innovation at various levels of learning that is inculcated during the framing and designing of the curricula. This is controlled and monitored by including such contents and items in the syllabi and in teaching methodology, testing, and examination and during the evaluation process. Titles, topics, chapters and items on syllabi are developed, designed and redesigned to accommodate the requirements of the multi-cultural and heterogeneous classrooms, thereby making the syllabi more and more engaging and interesting. The objective is to introduce and facilitate job oriented inter-disciplinary skill based learning contents.

  • Choice and selection of content for teaching-learning process include regular up-gradation of the curriculum as per the global trends in the job market. The focus remains to seek sharpening of the mental and physical skills of the students. Almost all courses at the Post-Graduate and Under-Graduate levels require the students to undertake independent field work, assignments and writing research projects as part of the partial fulfillment of their courses.

  • Innovation and currency in teaching pedagogy and research is ensured through lectures of eminent visiting scholars, seminar lectures, group discussions and brain-storming sessions.

  • Teaching and learning methods, strategies and techniques include ensuring learners’ autonomy, enhancing research aptitude, facilitating industrial exposure and hands on training and inculcating critical thinking abilities.

  • Examination, testing, evaluation and assessment processes include task based learning, projects, summer training/ industrial training and internship, case studies, oral exams and presentations, field work report, writing projects and assignments.

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