Apart from the various departmental seminar libraries, the University has a large, spacious, well-furnished and dedicated central library for its students. Housed in an exclusive multi-storied building, the central library is named as Manulal Central Library. It has about 1,62,245 books, manuscripts and other reading materials, e-database, thousands of National and International journals, weekly & monthly magazines and daily newspapers in English and Hindi.Apart from books on technical subjects related to discipline and courses, it houses books of general interest like management, education, library science, tourism management, mass communication and computer Science. To support the research needs of its students, the library has approximately about 3000 thesis in print, both of national and international recognition.

With a wide range of books on ancient & modern literature, the central library is really a Reader’s Paradise. The library remains open from morning till late evening. It is a source of major attraction for students, as not only does it offer a variety of academic information, it also stimulates the intellectual pursuit of students in a serene ambiance.

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