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3.1.6 Percentage of departments with UGC-SAP, CAS, DST-FIST, DBT, ICSSR  and other recognitions by  national and international  agencies (Data only for the latest completed academic year) (5)
3.2.1 Extramural funding for Research (Grants sponsored by the non-government sources such as industry, corporate houses, international bodies for research projects) endowments, Chairs in the University during the last five years (INR in Lakhs) (5)
3.2.2 Grants  for research projects sponsored by the government agencies during the last five years (INR in Lakhs) (10)
3.2.3 Number of research projects per teacher funded by government and  non-government agencies during the last five years (5)
Name of the Scheme/Project/ Endowments/ Chairs Name of the Principal Investigator/ Co Investigator (if applicable) Name of the Funding agency  Type (Government/Non-Government) Department  Year of Award
DST-SERB  Dr. Sumit Kumar DST-SERB Government Chemistry 2019
UGC Startup Grant Dr. Roshan Kumar UGC Government Zoology 2019
UGC Startup Grant Dr. Renu Rani UGC Government Physics 2019
ICHR Major Project Dr. Manish Sinha ICHR Government History 2019