Research and development (R&D) refers to the work a business conducts toward the innovation, introduction and improvement of its products, services and processes. Simply, it is a series of investigative activities to improve existing products, services and processor to lead to the development of new products and processes.

Researchers at MU are engaged in high level research. The diversity of research projects undertaken by MU is a measure of the strong track record of research at MU. It is the result of the great synergy between the fundamental research and applied research done at MU.

Research Environment

  • Research at MU is done by small individual led research groups and there are also large interdisciplinary project teams. The research environment supports highly creative work done by a small group. At the same time the environment is suitable for managing the large mission critical assignments that are undertaken at MU.

  • There is a large talent pool of high level researchers so there is great opportunity for need based collaboration. Due to the vibrant research environment at MU there is regular exposure to new ideas. It helps young researchers to prepare their mind and see the big picture in their area of interest.

  • A researcher enjoys the independence to choose the research area. This independence is there at all faculty levels. The researcher is supported by a dynamic research administration that has a non-bureaucratic work culture.

Interdisciplinary Research

  • A significant proportion of the research done at MU is interdisciplinary. There are interdisciplinary academic programmes and interdisciplinary research centers& facilities at MU.

  • These lead to great interdisciplinary interaction at MU and facilitate collaboration for interdisciplinary research. The open research environment encourages interaction with others leading to extraordinary research work

Research Culture

  • Faculty and students at MU respect the fact that to do path breaking research, in addition to knowledge in an area, one requires creativity, self-belief, courage and persistence.

  • Great research requires risk taking ability. The MU culture offers support and encouragement to take on challenging work. This enables researchers to work on the important problems in their field. The strong institutional support enables the researchers to ask tough questions knowing that finding the answers will take time and effort.

  • Quality research happens more often in a culture where free thinking is encouraged and that is very true for MU. The drive and commitment for research is sustained because at MU a researcher is able to enjoy the research work to the fullest.

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