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BRIEF Introduction about SHODHGANGA

 Magadh University has played very important role in the upliftment of literacy in the Magadh region. The library of this university has 1,62,245 books, 2500 manuscripts, more than thousands of awarded Ph.D. theses & lots of journals. M.U. has created an Anti Plagiarism Cell under MoU with Information and Library Network (INFLIBNET), An IUC of UGC with letter ref. no INFL/Shodhganga/MoU/AC/2018/204 dated on 28/08/2018. The then Vice-Chancellor Prof. Qamar Ahsan established this cell under the founding I/C  Dr. Pintu Kumar to monitor the originality of the theses and curb plagiarism. Magadh University, Bodh Gaya is the first university among Universities of Bihar, which has not only set up Shodhganga project but also implemented technology based plagiarism check of their Ph.D. theses and publications. The present Honorable Vice Chancellor Prof(Dr.) Rajendra Prasad is going to take new initiative for the E-resources .

 UGC Guidelines for Shodhganga

         All Universities, which conducts M. Phil or Ph.D. courses, are eligible to join Shodhganga by signing an MoU with INFLIBNET Centre. However, universities covered under Sections 2(f) and 12(B) of UGC Act is eligible for financial assistance from UGC within the frame work of norms. This cell follows the specified norms of the UGC viz., (i) Setting up of ETD Lab; (ii) Digitizing back-files of theses; (iii) Subscription to anti-plagiarism software to detect plagiarized portion of theses and dissertations; and (iv) Any other items identified by the Committee set-up by the UGC for the purpose. The UGC Notification (Minimum Standards & Procedure for Award of.

        M.Phil./Ph.D Degree, Regulation, 2009/2016) dated 5th May 2016 mandates submission of electronic version of theses and dissertations by the researchers in universities with an aim to facilitate open access to Indian theses and dissertations to the academic community world-wide. After following the latest UGC Regulations (Promotion of Academic Integrity and Prevention of Plagiarism in Higher Educational Institutions, 2018), it is necessary to attach one page of Plagiarism report (Summary) along with every thesis.

            To follow these guidelines and under the direction of then Vice-Chancellor Prof. Qamar Ahsan, the University made a committee for the enhancement of the quantity and quality of Ph.D. theses under M.U. with the help of Dr. Pramod Kumar-Libraian CUSB, Prof. B.R. Yadav-Incharge, M.U. Central Library and Dr. Pintu Kumar-Incharge, Shodhganga M.U., Bodhgaya. Under the MoU with INFLIBNET on 20th August 2018, the University has been facilitated with the link of Shodhganga University Coordinator on 20th September 2018 for the direct uploading of Ph.D. theses and publications to site on the Shodhganga to prepare database for the references. On 19th November 2018, the University has been provided direct link of plagiarism check with INFLIBNET, an IUC of UGC, Ghandhinagar to direct check the plagiarism of Ph.D. thesis under M.U.  URKUND is an anti plagiarism detection tool provided by INFLIBNET to Magadh University, Bodhgaya. After getting this facility, the University can get any report of the Ph.D. thesis only within 6-12 hours in the same working day. It has already checked plagiarism of the approx 600 Ph.D. theses and rejected 235 Ph.D. theses for the improvement till now.

  Dr. Pintu Kumar/Incharge, Shodhganga Project and Anti-Plagiarism Cell, M.U.



Shodhganga( English)Guideline for Downloading- READ HERE

Shodhganga (Hindi) Guideline for Downloading- READ HERE

Dear Research Scholar,
Please follow the proper instructions (For Hindi, please see detail in our responded email).
? Prepare one document of Ph.D. thesis typed in MS-WORD or its PDF and save it as name & subject. e.g. Rakesh_Physics, Priyanka_Geography.
? Email this document at ‘muplagtest@gmail.com’ while writing your name, supervisor, department, research topic and date of pre Ph.D. Seminar in the compose email box.
? It is necessary to all the Ph.D. theses (Other than English language) submitting in Hindi or any Indian Languages needs to be in Unicode or Mangal compliant font for the plagiarism test.
? Please open the blue link as it just responded in our email and fill the necessary information for the plagiarism certificate.
? Research Scholar can only contact on Monday and Saturday for their certificate and any queries related to Shodhganga.
? Research scholar has to submit his plagiarism report in hard copy in his concerned department as a necessary document to supplicate his Ph.D. thesis.
? Plagiarism Test is mandatory and without the certificate from the cell, the thesis will not be sent for evaluation.
? The examiner for the Ph.D. evaluation will be appointed only after the submission of plagiarism test certificate.
Note: URKUND is a plagiarism detection tool provided by INFLIBNET to Magadh University, Bodhgaya. Nothing that is pasted into or written directly in the body of the email will be analysed. You must follow the above said proper instructions.
Dr. Pintu Kumar(M.A, Ph.D.-BHU) Incharge, Shodhganga, M.U.