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 To be a world class University that nurtures talent and transforms the lives of millions through
excellence in teaching, research, service and community development.

To prepare students for leadership through enlightened learning partnerships with faculty members
and the community.

 To uphold a commitment to shaping lives through scholarly teaching and learning which contributes
to an equitable and holistic transformation of society at large

To support faculty and other scholars in pursuing world-class research–clinical, theoretical, empirical,
experiential and foster creative endeavour.

 To promote and preserve academic freedom, diversity, equality, harmony and justice.

To instill sense of discipline and confidence among the members of the University for a future of
meaningful pursuits and productive work in the service of humanity.

To provide facilities for research and for the advancement and dissemination of knowledge.

 To lay emphasis on professional management of education and mobilisation of existing resources.

To arrange and organise social, cultural and educational programmes from time to time to develop
the over-all personality of the students.